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Affordable Dental Implants at Bay House Dental Practice, Cardiff

  • Are You Struggling with Your False Teeth?
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  • Have you considered Full Dental Implants or Mini Dental Implants?

Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff is now providing a solution to your problems. Dental Implants or Mini Dental Implants can help you to restore your smile and self-confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants Cardiff, Bay House Dental Practice

Dental implants are a realistic replacement for missing teeth. Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff can provide you with restoration implants to restore your missing teeth. This meaning that you can smile with confidence again without the need to wear a denture.

Dental implants can successfully replace one or more missing teeth. They are strong, permanent, and look and feel completely natural.

Dental implants are small titanium metal posts that are placed into your upper or lower jawbone. Over time, the bone in your mouth will bond with the implant, creating a solid new, titanium root.

The top of the metal post or posts are then covered with a crown or a bridge, which leaves you with natural looking single tooth replacement or in some cases more than one tooth.

Dental implants can also be used to keep dentures firmly in place, making eating and speaking much easier.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants Cardiff, Bay House Dental Practice

Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff can now offer Mini Dental Implants. Miniature or mini implants are an affordable alternative to regular dental implants.

They can be used to stabilise dentures to make them feel more natural, comfortable and secure. You can eat, talk and laugh with more confidence and stop using messy denture fixative gels or creams.

Mini implants are much more affordable than regular implants.

On the lower jaw four implants can be used to stabilise a full denture while the upper jaw need may need 6 mini implants.

Often the implants can be placed to fit you existing dentures. If your dentures are old or poor fitting it may be necessary to make new dentures made to fit over the miniature implants. You can discuss your requirements at your consultation with Mr Simon Spiller or Mr Andrew Nourish.

If you think you are suitable or are interested in more information about full or mini implants, please contact the surgery on 029 2023 1258 or click on the button below to book an appointment.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth we understand life is never quite as comfortable as it could be. Anxiety over how you look, how you smile, how you eat and how you feel around others affects confidence and your overall well-being. At Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff we believe dental implants offer the very best solution for patients suffering from missing teeth.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions on dental implants.

Will Dental Implants look exactly like natural teeth?

Yes. We’ve placed hundreds of implants over many many years and the gratitude we receive from patients once the treatment is complete, and they see the end result, is why we’re in the job. Our implants will look as close to your natural teeth as possible and are indistinguishable from the real thing.

How long will Dental Implants last?

Success rates for dental implants at Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff are extremely high. We only use the highest quality and most established implant systems, highly regarded by dental implant specialists, world-wide. As long as patients stick to a good dental hygiene regime and keep regular dental check-ups there’s no reason why dental implants shouldn’t last a lifetime.

Do Dental Implants feel like natural teeth?

Run your tongue over a dental implant and they’ll feel just like your real teeth. You’ll have to brush and floss them as you would normally but, unlike dentures, there’s no adhesives or soaking them in a glass overnight. They’ll also never need a filling or root canal work. In fact, most patients tell us they forget they even have implants after treatment.

Can I eat the food I want with Dental Implants?

For many patients this is the single most important benefit to implant treatment. It’s important not to underestimate the simple pleasure of biting into an apple or choosing a steak from a restaurant menu, without any fear of what might happen to your teeth or loose dentures.

Will Dental Implants preserve the health of adjoining teeth?

Your new implant will have no negative effects on the healthy teeth either side. When you eat and chew food using your implant the forces go through your jaw rather than the through soft tissue or your adjacent teeth. This has the effect of preserving and protecting your surrounding teeth and gums. Some other tooth-replacement options may weaken adjoining teeth which can lead to decay or the need for further dental work like bridges.

Will Dental Implants prevent bone loss?

If a tooth is not replaced you’ll also experience loss of bone. This matters because bone strengthens your jaw and gums reducing the chance of fractures and other oral health problems developing. Bone loss and shrinkage can also affect your facial structure. Your dental implant fuses to the jawbone and ensures the bone is preserved and even stimulates re-growth.

Can Dental Implants can replace multiple missing teeth?

If you have two or more missing teeth it’s really important to close those gaps as quickly as possible to avoid any further mispositioning of teeth and jawbone and to stop any further dental problems developing. At Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff we have dental implant solutions for multiple missing teeth, including; implant supported bridges and sameday or teeth-in-a-day dental implants which can replace your entire arch with dental implants and offer more stability than conventional dentures. There are now no areas in your mouth or teeth that can’t be replaced.

How much do Dental Implants cost?

At first glance dental implant treatment is a more expensive option than other dental treatments but when you consider the strength, durability and length of time they last, they actually work out as a lifetime investment few patients regret. Work the investment out on a cost-per-year basis and the treatment can be lower than alternative dental treatments. Our dental implants start at £1870 per implant and you can find out more by clicking this link on the cost of dental implants in Cardiff. At Bay House Dental Practice we also offer great patient finance options to help you spread the cost of dental treatment.

Will Dental Implants improve my quality of life?

As discussed earlier, having a missing tooth and teeth can have a multitude of negative effects on the quality of life. Some are obvious; you look older, you can’t eat what you want and you smile less. Others are hidden; loss of confidence, self-esteem and increased anxiety. Dental Implants offer natural-looking teeth that are long-lasting, feel totally secure and give you back that care-free smile of youth.

Are Dental Implants painful?

At Bay House Dental Practice in Cardiff we’ve placed hundreds of dental implants and have seen first-hand how this tried and tested dental procedure changes our patients’ lives, for the better. There may be some discomfort immediately after the dental implant procedure but we have pain-relief solutions which will alleviate any pain felt.

Patient Review for Dental Implants Treatment at Bay House Dental Practice

(Translated by Google) Excellent – great reception staff and great care – thank you very much! Original review “Ardderchog – great reception staff and great care – diolch yn fawr”

– Cedwyn Aled (Review left on Google)

The care that I have received at Bay House Dental Practice over many years has been exceptional. Of course we can expect great care and clinical competence from professional practitioners; however, the care I have received here has been of a very high standard. Sound clinical judgement that you can trust alongside excellent surgical skills in treatment is matched by fabulous personal service. You feel like a person and not just a patient. This goes for all the staff including associate colleagues and dental hygienists. Best scale and polish ever! The staff at reception are so warm,welcoming, and helpful. I feel very safe here! The care and maintenance of my dental health cannot be underestimated in maintaining my overall health and wellbeing – and I am thankfully fairly fit!

– farisjeffrey (Review left on Google)

I would have put 6 stars if I could. I have been going to this practise for many years and always found the staff from when you enter the reception to the time you get into the chair extremely friendly always trying their best. I had a complicated tooth extraction a couple of weeks ago and the consultant who did this had the most impeccable bedside manners I have ever experienced. The extraction was not a pleasure but experiencing her manners was a pleasure. Thank you so much to all of you for your exquisite professionalism..

– Rita Hopkin (Review left on Google)

“I have been with this Dental practice for over 38 years, long before the inception of Bay House. Over this period I have got to know the majority of the practice team. As soon as you walk in you are made to feel welcome by Sian and Michelle of the reception team, they are so friendly and make for a very relaxing atmosphere. Hygienist Michelle is always so professional and my teeth always feel perfect afterwards.

I was placed under the care of Dr Imran Nathoo in March of 202 when Imran toke over the practice. He very proactive and explains all his diagnoses and treatments extremely well, as a result I was recommended an extraction along with a dental implant due to an ongoing problem. Bay House has an implant specialist with in the team, the dental implant procedure takes a few months, and every stage was clearly explained, and very efficiently carried out by by implant specialist Dr Andrew Nourish and dental nurse Kate. My whole experience was very positive and I can thoroughly recommend.”

– Marc Stapeton (Review left on Google)

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