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Your Consultation

At your consultation we will ask you about your concerns and wishes for the care of your mouth and teeth. We will also ask about any problems you may have and any recent treatment you may have received. Please tell us of any areas of your mouth that you are concerned about and if you require any advice regarding your smile profile. Many people do not realise that improvements in your cosmetic smile are relatively easy to perform, sometime in one appointment on the same day.

  • A full medical history will be recorded and some of your previous dental history will be noted. A full examination will reveal most of the information regarding your previous dental history.
  • We will perform a full examination of your mouth and teeth and in most cases take a series of x-rays, if needed, to get a better picture of the condition of your teeth and the bone support.
  • The examination will provide us with the detail of any treatment we think you may need and any recommendations regarding your oral hygiene and tooth care and if we need to concentrate on improving theseareas. In many cases we will discuss the treatment options and alternatives and talk about the possible complications and outcomes of the treatments suggested.
  • Our reception staff will ask you to provide your preferred contact method and point out the relevant parts of GDPR data protection regulation that apply to you.
  • You will be provided with a printed treatment plan with your suggested treatment that you will be asked to sign, only to confirm that you understand the treatment suggested. If you are unsure about any aspects of your treatment, all of our staff will be able to help you understand the treatment plan.

All our dentists are also happy to explain the treatment plans to you, so please do not hesitate to question any aspects you do not wholly understand.

We are here to help you and provide the highest standards of treatment and customer service.

Simon Spiller
Practice Principal

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