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Facial Aesthetics Treatment Using Dermal Fillers in Cardiff by Bay House Dental Practice

Facial Aesthetics

Stop Facial Lines & Wrinkles Appearing

Non-surgical, smooth skin treatments are becoming increasingly popular.

A growing number of people either want to reduce facial lines and wrinkles, enhance their lips or generally look younger and feel better about themselves.

  • Bay House Dental Practice can offer a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments from lip enhancements to the prevention and removal of frown lines and crow’s feet, which will complement your smile beautifully.
  • We can treat facial lines that have been caused by muscle movement such as frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. We can also carry out non-surgical eyebrow and jowl lifts.
  • The substance is applied into the area to be treated causing the muscles to relax, which means existing lines soften considerably and potential future ones can be prevented.

Lip enhancement with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made from a natural material, which binds with the water within your skin to lift it and make it firmer. Dermal fillers can be used for a variety of purposes such as enhancing your lips to make them appear fuller and less lined around the edges, helping to erase your facial lines and to generally improve your facial contours.

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